María Serena Rovira Rivadeneira

María Serena Rovira Rivadeneira

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Professional Consultant in Bach Flowers

Restorative Yoga Instructor
Pre - Natal Yoga Instructor
Yoga instructor for seniors

Number and Place of Professional Accreditation
Professional Consultant in Bach Flowers - England.
Yoga instructor in the different specializations - Mexico

Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga helps the practitioner recover from physical and emotional ailments. It is a very different technique from conventional types of yoga. It's about slowing down and opening your body and mind through passive stretching.

Prenatal Yoga :: Yoga not only helps during pregnancy, but also prepares you for childbirth, since another study found that it helps reduce pain during labor and could even help reduce the probability of having a cesarean section, it allows parents share together the growth of their child in an environment of peace, harmony and happiness.

Yoga for Seniors: Yoga is a highly recommended physical activity for seniors due to its benefits, both physical, psychological and social. In older people it is good to take this practice into account, which is never too late to start.

With the regular practice of yoga, many of the problems associated with aging can be corrected, such as insomnia, lack of initiative, insufficient circulation, digestive problems, stimulate muscle flexibility and correct posture, helping to improve physical condition. Practicing yoga also helps to obtain more energy and have a more positive attitude towards life.

Bach flowers: Bach flowers are 38 essences that preserve the energy quality of a certain flower, flowers allow us to balance our emotions, healing our body, mind and spirit in a way that does not cause any type of side effect, they can take older adults, children,
pregnant women.

Practitioners carry out accompaniment work during the healing process.

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